SOLD OUT – Yoga Bowl Events; ‘Rest & Digest’ ~ Yoga & CBD Infused Lunch

12:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Sunday, 10 February 19
Yoga House London


units 31-33 Leegate
Lee Green
SE12 8SS


‘Rest & Digest’ ~ Day Retreat

Yoga Bowl Events is a collaboration between Yoga Teacher, Alice Billerey and Chef, Charlotte Kjaer. ‘Rest & Digest’ will be a 4 hour day retreat centred around balancing the autonomic nervous system through yoga, meditation and a nutritional plant based lunch.

There are two branches to the autonomic nervous system; The parasympathetic (PSNS), also know as ‘rest and digest’ which is dominant when we are calm, relaxed and digesting our food. And the sympathetic (SNS), also known as ‘fight or flight’ which is dominant when we are faced with responding to danger or stress. When these systems are balanced (homeostasis) we are able to fluctuate between the two systems as and when required in order to respond accordingly to our environment. For example the SNS is dominate when we need to run for the bus, increasing our heart rate to pump blood to the muscles in our legs to run. And the PSNS is dominant when we are relaxing back on the sofa after our evening meal, allowing the muscles in the body to relax and increasing the blood to the digestive organs. One system is not ‘good’ and one is not ‘bad’ however, when one system becomes over stimulated we loose balance between the two, which can have a negative impact on our health. The affects of stress and modern living means that for many of us the SNS is being over stimulated, which can lead to poor sleep, bad digestion, compromised immune system and the inability to heal. Yoga and correct nutrition can help to combat stress and bring back balance to the systems. This day retreat will leave you feeling inspired and empowered to take your health into your own hands and leave you with some helpful tools in regulating your own nervous system.

The afternoon will start will a 75 minute vinyasa flow practice. The flow will be a slow, but strong, exploration of the moving body. Expect a continuous rhythmic flow, each movement will be linked to the breath. This flow will be a moving meditation where the mind and body will intertwine, releasing tension and stress from the body and freeing the monkey mind from chitter-chatter, bringing you into a calm and relaxed state.

Lunch will then be served! Charlotte will create a balanced and healthy meal using plant based seasonal ingredients whilst utilising the wonders of the hemp plant and infusing small amounts of CBD to bring about a sense of wellbeing and relaxation.

About CBD:
CBD has a wealth of health benefits and is becoming a popular plant based remedy for a variety of ailments. The non psychoactive compound – cannabidiol – interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system which regulates the body’s homeostasis impacting functions such as mood, sleep, appetite and pain and immune response. Alongside being an anti inflammatory CBD can help the body digest effectively by reducing contractions in the small intestine and can help stabilise blood sugar levels. Hemp is a nutritional powerhouse being one of the few complete plant based protein sources, containing all 9 essential amino acids. It’s also an excellent source of omega fatty acids and dietary fibre which all assist a healthy digestion.

The afternoon will finish with a 75 minute yin yoga practice. Yin yoga is all about slowing down and giving the body permission to rest. The ‘rest and digest’ branch of the nervous system will be stimulated through breathing exercises, meditation and long held passive postures to ease out tension and stress in every muscle in the body.

The Schedule:

12:00 – Meet & Welcome Drink
12:15 – 75 Minute Vinyasa Flow Practice
13:30 – Plant Based Lunch
14:45 – 75 Minute Yin Yoga Practice
16:00 – Goodbyes and hugs

Early bird tickets £45
Full Price tickets £50

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