Alice has been practicing yoga since 2011 and is an accredited yoga teacher and yoga therapist, having completed over 900 hours of training. Alice discovered yoga in her early 20s and was immediately attracted to the physicality of asana, which allowed her to cultivate a sense of appreciation and acceptance of her body. She soon discovered the joys of yoga beyond asana and recognises how instrumental yoga has been in her management of persistent pain and anxiety. Yoga has enabled Alice to develop a more loving and compassionate relationship with herself, which in turn has made her more available to support those around her. Alice believes yoga is for everybody and this is reflected in her teaching through the use of permissive language, props and offering options and variations. Alice always shares a variety of yogic tools in order for you to enjoy a well rounded practice. She encourages her students to work mindfully by guiding you towards a deeper listening and understanding of yourself.


Alice has recently completed a Level 5 BTECH in Sport Massage & Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy with the renowned NLSSM, and is registered with the Sports Massage Association. She has expanded her knowledge of the human body through intensive study of anatomy and physiology, and has acquired hands on skills and experience in working with injuries and within a physical rehabilitation setting.



  • 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga London, lead by Holly Warren (November 2016)
  • 90 hours Yin Yoga with Norman Blair (November 2017 & April 2018)
  • 35 hours Vinyasa Flow with Mimi Kuo-Deemer (July 2018)
  • 35 hours Sound Healing with Anne Malone (March 2020)
  • 21 hours Yoga Biomechanics and the science of stretching with Jules Mitchell (March 2020)
  • 550+ hours Yoga Therapy Diploma with Yoga Campus, accredited by the British Council of Yoga Therapy (September 2020)
  • Level 5 BTECH in Sport Massage & Soft Tissue Therapy with NLSSM (August 2021)