Yoga Bowl Events; Vibrate Higher

12:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Saturday, 3 November 18
The Yoga Space London


Station Way
SE18 6FJ


Yoga Bowl Events presents ‘Vibrate Higher’ – a mini retreat designed to raise your vibrational frequency with yoga, vegan food and the sound of Gong.

The law of vibration states that everything in the universe, whether it’s an animate or inanimate object, is made of energy. Energy is constantly moving, oscillating and vibrating at different speeds. Even objects that appear to be solid are actually comprised of vibrating particles in empty space. As humans beings we too have a vibrational frequency. The physical body, made up of matter, and the the mental and spiritual body, including the thoughts, emotions and mental states, create their own vibrational frequencies. The higher the vibrational frequency the brighter, lighter and more energetic you will feel. The law of attraction suggests that like-attracts-like, and therefore through positive thoughts, feelings, words and actions we are more likely to attract people, opportunities and experiences that enable us to continue vibrating higher, and living our best and most authentic self.

In Yoga, Prana is the energy source that pervades the entire universe. It flows and can be found in everything that exists, connecting the material world, mind and consciousness. Prana flow through the body in a network of energetic pathways called nadis. It is said that there are 72,000 nadis in the human body, of which 3 are the main and most important in transmitting the flow of energy. The first is the central nadi called Sushumna, located in the spinal column. The second and third are Ida (moon / feminine energy / ends at the left nostril) and Pingala (sun / male energy / ends in the right nostril) which cross over each other and through Sushumna 7 times. Where the 3 main nadis cross each other an energy vortex is created. These 7 energy vortexes are called chakras, each with their own vibrational frequency, and energetic quality. The afternoon will start with a 75 minute yoga practice that will incorporate breathing exercises, meditation and movement to increase the flow of prana, which in turn will help to raise your vibrational frequency.

After the yoga we will join together for a delicious plant based lunch in the upstairs cafe. The menu will consist of unrefined, unprocessed, seasonal and nutritious foods which will bring about a sense of lightness in the body aiming to increase your vibrational frequency. A selection of ancient, whole grains to aid satiety and build a strong foundation, raw foods which retrain nutrients and natural homemade fermented kraut for essential probiotics, sprouted seeds and nuts which are full of beneficial enzymes and plant based protein. A balanced and satisfying meal to energise your body after the yoga practice, whilst creating a nutrient strong lightness to facilitate the meditative Gong Bath to follow.

After lunch you’ll head back down into the yoga studio for the healing vibrations of Gong, brought to you by Dolores. Bathing in the sound of Gong is believed to work along the same meridian lines as acupuncture and Yin yoga. You are free to lie back and receive the vibrations of Gong, deep into the body, energy system and mind.

The Schedule:

12:00 – Meet & Welcome Drink
12:15 – 90 Minute Yoga Practice
13:45 – Plant Based Lunch
15:00 – Gong Bath

Early bird tickets £45
Full Price tickets £50

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